So Flip Cup, again is another fantastically simple, competitive drinking game to play.


Things you need to play:

✪ 20 Cups (16oz/18oz) Small cups suck, don’t make that mistake

✪ Table

✪ A friend (preferably 6+)

✪ Booze (including a naughty shot for the losers)



✪ One flip wonder



Aim of the game

✪ Down your drink, flip the cup, first team to land all cups Wins. Super simple right?



Kate Upton bosses Jimmy fallon at flip cup


To start

✪ The Setup as seen below



✪ Eye to Eye staring whilst both teams lineup

✪ Someone shouts GO!

✪ The first two drink their booze

✪ Place the cup halfway over the edge of the table

✪ The cup must be flipped before the next player can go.

Boom! and you’re done..

✪ First team to drink and flip all cups wins


End of game

✪ The losing team as always must pay! So they drink the naughty shot (1 each please)

Smashmoose Recommendations:

✪ Flip & strip? (Loose a game of flip you strip, one item per game. I would suggest the person lost you the game removes 2! Get smart or get naked…

✪ For shits and giggles have a go at Twerk & flip…





I would flip the shit out that cup!!! Here’s some more motivational Rocky Balboa style flipping, just because.


love da moose

What ya sayin?

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