Google or Skynet…? How big is Google..?


So Google have made some huge acquisitions lately, some you may know about others you may not. This video explains how big Google actually is, ColdfusTion aren’t trying to scare you but once you see all the facts you can’t help but think, So when we going to war. I’ll never look at my iPhone the same ever again, nor that silly toaster that insists on incinerating anything I put it the damn thing.

Sound the siren people, head for the hills and bring your foil hats the Robot Revolution is upon us and no doubt it’s going to get messy, my only hope is these murderous machines that Google are giving birth to have the same crappy battery life as every smart phone going, it’ll be like every Rocky movie ever made, we’ll let those bastard machines smash the shit out of  us for ten rounds and in the final two rounds we’ll strike when the batteries are low.

Are google planning on giving robots a brain with the acquisition of Deepmind?

love da moose

What ya sayin?

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