Ok, I’m pretty sure that 99% of the world either know of or have heard of Beer Pong, there are a shit tonne of rules out there, the official ones are a little too heavy to recite when your getting boozy, so here’s a quick simple guide to one of the greatest drinking games of all time…

Things you need to play:

✪ 20 Cups (16oz/18oz) Small cups suck, don’t make that mistake

✪ 4 Pong balls

✪ 1 Beer pong table (or something long, flat and 8ft long)

✪ Booze

✪ A friend



✪ Sink: To throw the ball in the oppositions cup

✪ Party cup: Once the ball is sunk, the cup is considered a party cup until there is no beer left in that cup. If at any time the opposing side Sink your party cup you LOSE the game

✪ Island: A completely isolated cup

✪ Redemption: If your team is down to one cup & the opponent makes the shot, you have a chance to score & save the game from being lost.


Aim of the game

✪ Sink your balls in their cups + they drink the cups empty + They have no cups left = You win (Redemption) = Now they drink what you have left

Winner winner chicken dinner


To start

✪ The Setup as seen below



To determine who starts, a game of eyes must take place:

✪ Eye to Eye staring whilst you both attempt to shoot

✪ You miss, your partners take a turn

✪ Who ever sinks their shot goes first. Pong ball returned and nothing drank.

✪ You both Sink, then your partners have ago. Repeat until a winner is found




✪ Each players has a shot

✪ You Sink they drink

✪ Elbows stay behind the foul line (no further than 3rd tier up if playing with 10 cups)



✪ Must be called at the start of your go. Re-Racks can be asked for when cups have been sank. The first starts at 6.

✪ Re-racks done at 6, 4 , 3 cups.



✪ Everybody blows, if a ball is spinning in your cup you can blow to try and remove the cup . (Rule must be declared at the start of the game otherwise rule is void)

✪ Shit talking (At your risk!, don’t be a dick)

End of game

✪ Team wins if they eliminate all of their opponents cups, however the losers can call Redemption.

✪ When a team looses, they get one chance for Redemption.

✪ On Redemption: The loosing team shoot until they miss. If they miss it’s game over. If the loosing team eliminates all their opponents cups, the game goes into a three cup overtime.

Special rules

There are a handful of special rules that can be applied during the game, but honestly why bother, Rules are for wankers and know it all’s, you sink it they drink it is all you really need to know.


Smashmoose Recommendations:

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So here’s some sick shots being made, watch on….

Now here’s some valiant attempts…



love da moose

What ya sayin?

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