There’s not enough cheer in this world

If there is one thing to be thankful for in life, it’s cheerleaders. Their sole mission: To spread cheer, and by-god when I see cheerleaders they spread cheer all up my shizzle. And if that’s not enough, these ladies… In the name of raising funds to spread that cheer further a field, have spread their wings, shed their feather and anything else that was getting in the way to raise some monies for their beautiful cause. Ergo they’ve made a nudie calendar to raise some dollar…



I feel it’s our social responsibility as decent human beings to help these angels of cheer, so put me down for 2! I’m all up for helping in the name of cheer… And you should too, so get involved and help these lovely ladies.

You can buy one on ebay here ebay

Or contact them on their web site BU Falcons

Or hit them up facebook

Tweet the Falcons



 So get involved and help a BU Falcon…



love da moose

What ya sayin?

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