Is this the anthem for generation Y?


Is this the anthem for generation Y?

It fucking is! It shames us to admit we live likes this, I can see generation Y taking to the streets marching towards parliament demanding tax reliefs on spray tans & roids. The selfie snapping, roid munching tango brigade are the future, fuck that! I’m taking my bear grylls books, my 95/96 premier league sticker book and heading for the mountains.

I can see the future now, our Grandchildren will only know how we lived through a collection of duck faced #nofilter selfies, that and #filter collection of healthy meal shots. The dumbing down of the nation is a serious concern, it was only the other day I heard that there’s a Rehab clinic in California being setup to wean people off selfies. Apparently the treatment involves being followed by Laurence Tureaud (Original Mr T) and then repeatedly bitch slapped when he catches you  snapping pictures of yourself. Allegedly Justin Bieber was caught by Laurence halfway through a hashtagging session, Laurance apparently beat Bieber so bad the Beib-meister shit his drop-crotch pants, lucky they look like an over grown nappy anyway. This is the only form of Bieber bashing allowed by his official fan club, a spoke’s person from the cult sorry fan club refused to comment, apparently they couldn’t answer the phone while taking a #nofilter selfie.

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What ya sayin?

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